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The interior design trend of this year has to be UK city maps. You see them all the time on interior design blogs, lifestyle magazines and lifestyle TV shows, and now you can order one for your own home. In addition to our country and world maps, now also supplies city maps. We have city maps of every major UK city, so plenty of choice! Hang your new city map on the wall and pow: your home just got a whole lot trendier. So, don’t hesitate, choose your favourite design and order today!

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Options for city maps

There are countless ways to decorate your bare walls. Besides world maps, our range includes a wide range of city maps. This is a really trendy way to decorate your wall, that matches all kinds of home interiors. Our range contains a broad selection of cities. What's your favourite city? Perhaps you've recently been on a city trip, and would like to ‘hang’ your memories on the wall? A beautiful stylish map of your favourite city, printed on a material of your choice,is the answer.For a more neutral look, you can opt for a city map on canvas or poster. For a luxury look, you can have your city map printed on Plexiglas or aluminium. Last but not least, it's also possible to have your city map printed on wood. We use a wide choice of materials to help you perfectly match your map to your interior.

A city map not only adds life to your own interior, it is the perfect gift for any enthusiastic traveller. With our range of different materials and sizes, you can make your gift as extravagant or as modest as you like. We have city maps and world maps for every budget!

Ordering a city map

Ordering a city map is simple. First select a country, then pick your favourite city. Next, select the size you want and the material on which to print your city map. Once you've placed your order, we'll get straight to work making your unique city map. Your map will be dispatched within 5 working days. You will soon be hanging your city poster on the wall, and enjoying this fabulous wall decoration.

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