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Animal map now also supplies animal maps. This category contains various animal world map designs with animal illustrations, suitable for both your youngest children and older kids. These map designs are available on canvas, wood, aluminium, Plexiglas and poster paper, with prices starting at £9.95. We will dispatch your world map within 5 days of ordering, so go ahead and order your animal map today!

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Our animal maps:

Animal-themed world maps now also supplies world mapswith animal themes. This category contains various world maps featuring animals. We also supply maps for children of all ages. These maps are available on canvas, wood, aluminium, Plexiglas and poster paper, with prices starting at £9.95. Once you've ordered, your world map will be dispatched within 5 working days.

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Options for a world map with animal theme

Are you looking for a great decoration for the wall of your child's bedroom? An animal-themed world map is a nice solution. These maps are full of vibrant colours and all kinds of animals. Not only do they look really fun, they are also very educational. It's a fantastic way for children to become familiar with different kinds of animals in an informal way. With their bright colours, these maps really bring an otherwise bare wall to life.

You can order an animal-themed world map on eithercanvas, wood, aluminium, Plexiglas or poster paper. With so many designs and materials to choose from, it’s easy to find the perfect world map for your child's bedroom.

Wall decoration: Animal-themed world map

An animal-themed world map is not only a fun wall decoration for your son or daughter's bedroom, it also makes a great gift for others. You can order a world map from just €9.95; we have something for every budget!

In addition to animal-themed world maps, we have other fun maps for children, such as our treasure map of the world and world maps with people and vehicles.

Ordering an animal-themed world map

It’s very easy to order an animal-themed world map. First, choose the animal-themed world map you like the most, then select the material and size you want. We'll do the rest! A world map poster is the most budget-friendly option in our range.

Once you've ordered your world map, we will print and ship it within 5 working days.

Order your favourite animal-themed world map on poster paper today from Prices start from just £9.95!

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