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Large world map

If you’re looking for a large world map to bring your interior to life, there’s a great selection at Our range contains a wide variety of different world map designs and materials. To order, pick your favourite world map design and the kind of material you want us to print it on, such as canvas, wood, aluminium, poster paper or Plexiglas. A large world map is a fantastic, eye-catching interior decoration. A selection of our large world maps, including our popular world map wallpaper, is shown below. Remember, you can get any of our world maps printed in a large format!

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A selection of our large world maps:

Options for a big world map

If you want to bring some life to your interior, but aren’t sure how to go about it, a big world map is a great solution. Like most people, you probably have a large, boring white wall with nothing on it. Why not fill it with a big beautiful world map printed on one of our various materials? One option is a detailed world map. These world maps are just like the world maps you find in atlases. Our range includes trendy world maps, historical maps, and children’s world maps. Plenty to choose from, then! In addition to our many world map designs, we also have a broad range of materials to choose from. With so much choice, you can customise your big world map to fit your interior perfectly. If you want a big world map on a different material, we can print a 200 x 100 cm big world map on Canvas. We also supply world maps on Plexiglas, aluminium or poster paper. Prices and sizes depend on the material you want and the type of world map.

Print a big world map

If you want to have a big world map printed, first pick your favourite world map design. Once you've done this, the ordering process is really simple. First select the material you want your world map printed on, such as canvas. The maximum size of canvas maps is 300 x 140 cm. After deciding the material you want, let us know how big you want your map to be. Then confirm your order. Once you've placed your order, we'll dispatch your world map within 5 working days.

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