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Sepia world map

A sepia world map adds a touch of retro character to your room. Sepia tints are brownish in colour, and look like old photos. has various sepia maps available, which look like country maps from the old days. These world maps can be printed on various materials, including canvas, wood and poster paper. Order a sepia world map from just £8.74.

Would you like to transform some other world map from our collection into a sepia world map? We'll be happy to do this for you with ANY OF OUR WORLD MAPS; simply contact us.

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A selection of our sepia world maps:

A sepia world map from

A sepia world map is a real eye-catcher. These world maps have a retro look, giving them a nostalgic vibe. They are unique in appearance, but look beautiful in all sorts of interiors. You can choose from 8 different sepia-tinted world maps in our e-store, namely illustrations, vintage, magnetic curves, canvas painting, parchment, cross-section parchment, cross-section poster and historical. Our world maps can be ordered on a number of different materials, namely canvas, poster, wood, aluminium and Plexiglas, and are available in various sizes. Most world maps printed on the materials mentioned above are available in sizes from 40 x 30 cm. The maximum size differs from material to material. In any case, you'll find there's plenty of choice when it comes to picking out a sepia world map, and you're bound to find one you love.

A sepia world map is quick and easy to order

The ordering options available for our sepia world maps differ for each material. If you're ordering a poster, the only thing to choose is the size. If you're ordering a world map on canvas, you can choose the size and optionally a frame, hanging system and map flag pins. If you order a world map on wood, you can choose the kind of wood and the size. You can also order a hanging system and map flag pins for a wood map. If you're ordering a world map on aluminium or Plexiglas, you can choose the size and hanging system. A sepia world map is always dispatched within 5 working days of ordering. For little outlay, you can be enjoying a sepia world map on your wall in no time, customised to your requirements. As you can see, there's a wealth of choice and options for personalising your map.

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