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Interested in purchasing a world map, and looking for the best world map to hang on your wall? At, we've got you covered. We've made it really easy to order your favourite world map. You can order a world map quickly and easily from your computer or device. Simply choose the world map you like the most from’s selection of more 50 designs in various styles and colours. Our range includes everything from world maps with text to maps with animals, and we've even got a world map with butterflies! When you’ve made your selection, it's time to order. You'll be hanging your new world map within 7 days. So, don’t hesitate and order a world map today!

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A world map is a trendy way to decorate your wall, and is found in lots of different interior designs. World maps are available in all kinds of sizes and types, so there's a map to suit every type of room. There’s a great range of maps to choose from. We supply world map posters with a vintage look, and these old maps bring a sense of history into your home. Maybe our trendy world maps are more your thing, and we supply all kinds of colours and styles. We supply world maps for kids, the perfect way of finishing your child’s bedroom. Of course, aside from being decorative, maps can also be educational. If you prefer a standard world map, order one of our detailed world maps that clearly show every country. After you have chosen a map, select the material you'd like us to print it on. All our world maps are available to order on 5 different materials, namely wood, glass, canvas, aluminium or poster paper. Choose the material that best suits your interior. After just a few clicks, your world map will be on its way. We will print it for you immediately, and it will arrive at your home within 7 days.

If you buy a world map from us, you can be sure of great value for money, because we only work with the best materials. So, don't wait any longer, and order your world map from today. A great wall decoration for a great price. Choose from our wide range of maps and materials. Our customers rate us 9.3 out of 10! That means you’re assured of high quality and excellent service!

All our world maps are available to order in different sizes, from small to large world maps. We supply maps in sizes from 20 x 30 cm to 200 x 300 cm, so there's a suitable size for everyone. Once you've found the perfect world map, size and material, it's time to order. Buying a world map couldn't be simpler, and only takes a couple of minutes. When ordering, you can also buy accessories. For example, you might like to add a floater frame for your canvas map to your order, or map flag pins, or a hanging system, giving you everything you need in one simple order! Fill in your details, and you'll be hanging up your new world map within 7 working days. Enjoy it!

World map wall decoration

A world map is a great way to decorate a wall! If you’ve already found a world map you like in our e-store, all that remains is to choose its size! We have many different options for decorating your wall. The first option is the standard world map on canvas. This material is sleek and neutral in appearance, so it matches all kinds of interiors. Next, the world map on poster paper. This is the most inexpensive way of decorating your wall with a world map,and involves printing on high-quality poster paper. For a more characterful look, have your world map printed on wood or aluminium. Wood gives your world map a sense of warmth. The world map is printed on various planks of wood, where the joints remain visible. World maps on aluminium are printed on one single, smooth sheet of aluminium, resulting in a sharp print with excellent colours. A world map on Plexiglas is another great option, because Plexiglas allows light to shine beautifully through the map. If you want to cover your whole wall, order our world map wallpaper. This allows you to completely fill your wall with a world map of your choice. Finally, you can order a scratch world map. This map starts off gold in colour. Then, as you scratch open countries you, more and more colour appears!

So, plenty of options for decorating your wall with a world map. You can be sure of finding a print and material to suit your interior!

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