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World Map with Pins

World map with pins

A world map with pins makes a beautiful wall decoration, and it's the perfect way of keeping track of the countries you've visited. Order a box of 100 plastic map pins for just €8.95. The box contains 5 colours of flag: red, white, blue, yellow and green. These pins can be ordered when you buy a world map. We'll dispatch your order within 5 working days!

Order your map pins when you buy any of our world maps on canvas!

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World map with pins:

A world map with map flag pins

World maps are a very trendy wall decoration at the moment. They come printed on all kinds of different materials, such as canvas, poster paper or corkboard. A world map on your wall is already a really nice decoration, but you can make it even more fun with map flag pins. Map pins show which countries you've been to, and which countries you still want to visit in the future. You can stick these map pins into all kinds of different maps: world maps on canvas, poster, wood or corkboard, for example.

The box of map flag pins contains 100 plastic map flag pins in the 5 colours white, green, blue, yellow and red. These different coloured flags give your world map a vibrant and playful look. 100 map flag pins should be enough to keep you going for quite some time! They are probably enough to mark all the countries you've been to. These map flag pins are just as fun to use on country maps.

World map with map flag pins

If you like the idea of keeping track of the countries you've visited, and those you plan to explore in the future, our special map flag pins are perfect. They can also be used on your world map on wood or canvas. These pins are similar to drawing pins or the pins on Google Maps. Simply push them into the wood or canvas surface. When removed, they leave no big holes. No pins left? Order our 100 map flag pins, specially designed for use with world maps.

Pins for your world map

Everyone has drawing pins in the home, which is handy, since they are perfect for use with wood or canvas. Drawing pins come in different kinds, sizes and colours, so you can use them to make your world map really colourful and playful. Drawing pins are also a handy way of keeping track of which countries are still on your bucket list, and a fun way to plot a future road trip. Neat! Maybe you prefer map flag pins? You can order 100 from us for just £8.95!

Order map flag pins with your world maps

Want to add map flag pins to your world map order? Simple! First choose the world map you like the most, then select the material and size you want.  At this point, you can add a frame or hanging system. At the bottom of the ordering screen, there is an option to add 100 map flag pins for just £8.95. When you have everything you want, confirm your order. Once you've ordered your world map with map flag pins, we'll dispatch your items within 5 working days.

Order some map flag pins with your world map today for £8.95.

First choose your world map and then, next to ‘100 map flag pins’, select "Yes".

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