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World Map poster

World map poster

All the world map posters at can be ordered in a wide variety of sizes. What's more, is home to the largest range of world map designs! Your wall poster is guaranteed to be top quality, as it is printed in the same high resolution glossy photo paper used by professional photographers and museums. We always strive to deliver the highest possible print quality.

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Our world map posters:

World map on poster paper

Order your beautiful world map printed on poster paper from The world map on poster paper is available in various sizes. Choose your favourite world map, select the size you want, and we'll do the rest! A world map on poster paper is available from just £9.95. Once ordered, your world map poster will be dispatched within 5 working days.

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✓ Wide variety of sizes
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Options for your map poster

Every world map on can be ordered on poster paper in various sizes. Even better; we supply the largest selection of world map posters! Your decorative wall poster from, based on a beautiful world map design of your choice, is guaranteed to be top quality as it is printed in high resolution on glossy photo paper. This type of paper is also used by professional photographers and museums! We always strive to deliver the highest possible print quality, so that you can carry on enjoying your beautiful world map poster for as long as possible. There are countless options when it comes to choosing a world map poster. You could go for a detailed world map, or maybe a world map specially designed for children. Our children’s world maps are highly educational, as they include fun pictures with names of continents and countries. Our detailed maps are more like the maps found in an atlas. Another great idea is to have your world map poster framed. A perfectly fitting frame makes your poster complete. Framing a world map poster printed on photo paper also gives a hint of luxury. The world map on poster paper is the most budget-friendly option, since a 30 x 40 cm poster costs just £9.95. A world map poster printed on photo paper is also a nice original gift. Our map poster fits in every interior, therefore it is the perfect decoration!

Educational world map posters

A world map poster is very educational! We have a whole series of world maps in our range that can improve you and your children’s knowledge of the world. All world maps in our ‘child's bedroom' category help your child develop, as they have been specially designed to teach your child about things such as the world’s cultures, nature and geography. Some examples are the 'our animals and landmarks' map, the 'people, nature and landmarks' map and the 'continents and oceans' map. The world maps in the category 'detailed maps' are the kind of maps you would usually find in an atlas. The 'classic', ‘geographical', 'colour' and 'all countries' maps in particular can help you to remember the location of countries, and get a better overall picture of the world's geography. The educational value of these maps is fantastic, but these world map posters are of course also a great way to add life to your home’s interior. A map poster is the ideal decoration for all!

Ordering a world map poster

Once you’ve chosen your world map, you're ready to order. Select the print of your choice, then decide the size of poster you want. You could opt for a large world map, or maybe a smaller size better suits your needs. There are countless options available. Once you've placed your order, we'll print your world map, and send it to you in a poster tube within 5 days. This protects your poster in the post. P&P costs £9.95.

Order your favourite world map on poster paper today with; prices start from just £8.74!

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