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World Map Wallpaper

World map wallpaper

Indulge your adventurous side and decorate your walls with world map wallpaper. If you’ve got the travel bug and can’t get enough of it,show it off by wallpapering your whole wall with a world map of your choice. If you're like most world travellers, you don't do things by halves!


World map wallpaper:

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Wallpaper for world travellers

Be honest: is your old wallpaper overdue for replacement? Allow us to help you! You can't go wrong with world-map wallpaper: the unique wall decoration that's currently in every interior design magazine. A world map on the wall is all the rage right now, and can be seen everywhere. In fact, you can't avoid them! So, decorate your wall with world map wallpaper, and join this latest trend in interior design. We supply both Airtex wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper. The advantage of Airtex is that the world map wallpaper is seamless. Our vinyl wallpaper is supplied in strips, and is available in different sizes.

A world map on your wall with world map wallpaper

Dreams are meant to be realised! So, go for it! Where would you like to go next, where have you already been, and what routes did you take? You can track all this on your world map wall with our map flag pins or stickers. Your interior becomes a giant travel diary which can be used to relive great memories and stories. What are you waiting for?

Photo wallpaper with world map designs supplies a wide range of world map wallpapers. We will shortly also be supplying country map wallpaper, in addition to world map wallpaper. There is a wide range of sizes too, and we can even supply world map photo wallpaper printed to a specific size, so you can be sure your beautiful giant map will fit your wall properly. So, hesitate no longer, start fantasising, and get ready to hang your wallpaper!

World map wallpaper for the bedroom

World map wallpaper livens up any room, and can equally well transform dull bedroom walls. When you've wallpapered the walls of your bedroom (DIY or professionally) with your favourite world map design, you can start dreaming of your next holiday destination from your bed, or recount great memories from previous trips before you fall asleep. Our world map wallpaper will be custom made for you. There's a suitable world, city or country map for every bedroom. So, make your selection and order your favourite design right now!

World map wallpaper on any wall

Our world map wallpaper is for all rooms, not just the living room. It's perfect for decorating the walls of your office, for example. When you're working hard, it's always nice to be able to pause for a moment and think of the next tropical destination you'd like to visit! World map wallpaper is also a fun addition to a child's bedroom or nursery. For these rooms, we even have special children's world maps that you can have printed to a custom size. Your child will love it, and learn a lot at the same time! Country map wallpaper could even improve your own topography!

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