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Framed world map

Now you can have your world map poster framed. Our wooden frames can be finished in black, white, or natural wood. You can also order a frame for your canvas world map. A frame gives a world map an even more professional and sophisticated look.

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So order one with your world map on canvas or poster paper!

Frame your favorite world map

You have the option of framing your favorite world map with two of the materials. A list for a poster world map is different from a canvas world map. With a poster world map you have the possibility to order a frame, which is available in two colours: white and black. There will also be a plate of plexiglass in front of the image. There is also an option to order a passe partout with this frame. This means that there will be a white border of 4 cm around the picture, this gives the card even more of an artistic aspect. The frame of a world map on canvas is a frame around the canvas. This means that you can put the canvas with the world map in the frame. This gives a floating effect. The difference with the frame of the poster is that the canvas frame does not have a glass plate for the photo and that the frame is made of plastic material. In spite of the plastic material, the frame does have the appearance of a wooden frame. The frames for a world map on canvas can be ordered in three colours: natural (wood colour), white or black.

Order a framed world map in three steps

First of all you choose a world map that fits you on poster or canvas. You can choose from 80 different maps from 8 different themes. The second step is to pick the specifications of the world map. In case of a poster you first choose the format and thus the list, the color of the list and a hanging system. For a photo on canvas you can also order pins. After ordering a world map, it will be sent within 5 working days.

Give your world map even more charisma and order your world map framed today!

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